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Leasing Services For Rhode Island

    Here at Nexus Property Management™ we provide exceptional leasing services that include:

    Advertising and marketing vacancies

  • Pre-occupancy inspection and documentation of condition of premises
    • We will send a representative to walk through and document the condition of the property. This will help foresee potential  maintenance issues and will serve as a bench mark to compare to post tenant property condition. 

  • Photographing properties
    • One of our representatives will photograph the interior, exterior, and all common areas of the property. These photos can be used for a virtual walkthrough and advertisements to potential tenants.  They will also serve as documentation of condition for move out security deposit adjustments.

  • Video Walkthrough syndicated & published to the Nexus YouTube channel
    • We will film a video walthrough of your property that will give instant information to all interested prospective tenants.

  • Creating ads to be published on many rental sites and in print when necessary(*owner pays publishing fees when requesting print advertising)
    • Ads will be created for placement on many websites and video walkthrough's  will be used to increase interest.

  • Handling all responses to ads for property
    • All inquiries will be directed to our 24/7 phone line and our website where potential tenants can submit applications anytime

  • Use a pre-showing screening questionnaire to insure qualified tenants
    • We will prescreen interested parties by asking them a list of questions before we even show them the property.  This helps to obtain credit worthy and responsible tenants.

  • Showing units to potential tenants
    • One of our licensed agents will coordinate and meet with potential tenants at the property to handle all questions and accept applications.

    All-inclusive renter screening report including financial, criminal, and legal records.

    • All applicants will be screened and will need to meet our criteria for credit , employment, and good rental history.  These metrics can be adjusted to property owner requirements at anytime.

  • Documentation

    • Create lease specific to each property
      • Each unit will have a specific lease that is tailored for that property, to explain all issues and expectations of each party.

    • Provide access to all leases for owners and tenants through online portal
      • All leases will be available to owners and tenants online. This will insure that all parties can refer to the agreement and copies may be printed at anytime.

    • Automatically generate lease renewals and alerts for current tenants
      • We will notify owners and tenants of an upcoming lease expiration and work toward renewals.