Make money by hiring a professional property manager


Make money by hiring a professional property manager “How much will professional management cost?” That is the first question many property owners will ask when considering hiring a property manager.  The problem with this is that is the wrong question. Continue reading

The Charge May Be More Important Than The Price


In any new business it is important to determine the prices you will charge for each particular service your company provides  or even which services you will charge for.  In property management  there are a wide variety of different fees Continue reading

Forget About Appraised Value


Since the bottom fell out of the real estate market in 2008 we always hear about home values and the dreaded decline in value. The news tells us that values fell 10% 20% 30% or whatever number they find. I Continue reading

Dealing With Late And Non Paying Tenants


Dealing with late and non paying tenants. People that consider investing in real estate all have one common fear. The fear of having to deal with a nonpaying tenant. This simple fear keeps many people from exploring real estate investing, Continue reading

The Best Property Management is Free


There are many property management companies in the marketplace today. All companies have their own charges and fees that you must incur to contract their services. The truth is that the only property management companies that you should hire with Continue reading

Inexpensive Improvements That Can Have Big Impacts

Property Management Improvement

Inexpensive improvements to your rental that can have big impacts Over my real estate investing career one thing that I have noticed is that you can make some inexpensive improvements to your rental units that can have big impacts. I Continue reading